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Painting Kit

Painting Kit

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  • Variety Pack: 2-pack of big Roller Sleeves (230mm) and 2-pack of mini (100mm) roller covers; 2 Roller handles; an Angle Paint brush 1.5 inch; a roll of Masking tape 25 meters; Paint Mixer 270mm length; Durable Paint Tray 11 inch
  • To use with all Paints and Stains. Offering proper paint pick up, release extremely even. Resistant to solvent.
  • Perfect on smooth, semi-gloss and rough surfaces with this pack of paint roller set pro for interior ad exterior coating.
  • Rubberized heavy duty roller handle for large paint roller 9 inch, comfortable to grip. Handle Threaded for attaching to an extension pole or even a broom handle.
  • Roller Covers 9 Inch - White Micro Polyester Fiber, 1/2" Nap, 1 1/2" Core Diameter. Roller Covers 4 Inch - Two Sorts. One is: Striped Acrylic Woven Fabric Covers, 1/2" Nap, 1/3" Core Diameter; 2nd sort is Lambskin-like Soft Man-made Fiber,1/5" Nap Height, 1/3" Core Diameter. Tips: When having the Mini Roller Refill Inserted with the Roller Frame, some Stiff Resistance is for keeping the small roller run smoothly. Just with a little strength, it will be done.


Manufacturer‎ : 3M

Place of Business‎ : London, ON, N5V 4M9, CA

Dimensions‎ : 4.8 x 12.07 x 12.07 cm Size : ‎36 mm

Colour : ‎Green

Package Quantity‎ : 1


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