How to Obtain a Quote?
Securing a free quote is straightforward. Fill out our contact form with project details or email us at contact@canadianpaintshop.com. Alternatively, schedule a complimentary visit from our team by 416.500.5141

Before painting, we complete the following preparation tasks:

  • Protect flooring, surfaces, and furniture
  • Masking tape the windows, sockets, and light switches.
  • Remove any loose or flaky paint
  • Clean the surfaces with a sugar-soap solution
  • Fill any holes or cracks
  • Sand the surfaces
  • Undercoat/prime the surfaces

With a sizable team of residential painters and decorators in the GTA, we ensure local availability. Our established ties with numerous local suppliers allow us to minimize lead times. Whether your project is extensive or modest, we're ready to commence at your convenience.

A paint finish refers to the level of shine a paint gives off.

There are five types of paint finishes:

  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss
  • High-gloss

A matte finish is non-reflective. This means it absorbs light rather than reflecting it. So, it’s best suited to low-traffic areas of your home.

Eggshell paint appears matte when faced directly. However, when viewed at an angle, it has some sheen. Eggshell paint resists stains better than matte. Therefore, it is better suited to high-traffic rooms.

A satin finish is more reflective than an eggshell finish. As a result, satin paint is easier to clean and more resistant to dirt. A satin finish is ideal for high-traffic rooms, such as bedrooms.

Semi or high-gloss:
Semi-gloss provides a shiny finish. This makes gloss finishes suited to areas constantly in use, such as accent walls or woodwork. However, due to the level of shine, we wouldn’t recommend using them in entire rooms.

Our residential painters and decorators have experience with every type of finish. So, whatever finish you choose, we’re here to help.